30 Dec 2016

10 Ways To Finish Your Year With A Flourish

No matter how 2016 has been for you, close this chapter on a positive note and welcome 2017 with a bang! 


1) Review your year

Write down your highlights of the year such as "I ate healthier" or "I quit smoking". This exercise will remind you of all the things you've managed to achieve this year and set your mentality right for even more success in 2017!

2) Celebrate your success
Acknowledge and appreciate your successes this year, whether you prefer going out for a nice meal or splurging on that big ticket item you've been coveting. This will then inspire confidence in you to take up more challenges next year. 

3) Check your to-do list
Choose just one task and complete it before the year ends. Then chuck your unfinished to-do list and do not write another one until the New Year rolls around. This way, you'll unburden yourself of the cobwebs of 2016 and be ready to take on 2017.

4) Resolve niggling tasks
Small, unfinished tasks around the house playing on your mind? Do not leave them to fester. Complete them right away so you can begin the New Year on a fresh note. Ask a family member to help you out so you can get it done faster. 

5) Declutter your space
There's no better time to channel your inner Marie Kondo and organise your living space. Throw out all the items you no longer need or better yet, give the good stuff away. A clear space brings about clarity so you can usher in the New Year with prosperity. 

6) Do a digital update
You wouldn't want to begin the New Year worrying about mundane paperwork. Check your documents and bring the important ones up to date. Back up your important files, emails and photos, then delete files that are old or taking up unnecessary space. 

7) Identify and improve
Take stock of the things that have been draining your energy the past year. Now is the best time to start saying no - to toxic relationships, random email groups, or even unnecessary magazine subscriptions. This would then help you become smarter at how you spend your time. 

8) Do something different
Close out the year on a new journey of discovery. Try out something you've never thought of doing - take a tour of your own city, watch a children's play or pick up a new hobby. You'll be starting the New Year on a more curious note. 

9) Send love
It doesn't take much to send a quick text or email to say thanks to your loved ones. Not only are you expressing gratitude, but also building better relationships for the future. After all, your achievements in the past year wouldn't have been possible without the people who helped make this year special for you. 

10) Recharge yourself
The end of the year usually means parties and gatherings with family and friends. While you might be busy going from one party to the next, it's important to take things easy. Take a day off to rest and relax, even if it means doing nothing, before the New Year kicks in. 

Happy New Year from all of us!