31 Oct 2016

3 Tips to Pack Gadgets for Travel

Travel enthusiast Eileen shares how she uses everyday items to pack her electronics. 


Pick your essentials
When it comes to packing for my travels, less is definitely more. The last thing I want is to lug around a heavy bag while on holiday. The same applies when it comes to my electronics. I only bring my mobile phone, digital camera, laptop and their respective cables and chargers. 

Since most hotels have only one or two power points, two travel adaptors and a power bank would be enough. This means I get to charge my devices in one location and would be less likely to forget to bring them home. 


Organising is key
After I've decided which electronics to bring, it's all about the packing. Tangled cables are one of my pet peeves so I use rubber bands or ribbons to keep the cables tangle-free. I prefer to pack them into Ziploc bag so the customs officers can see the contents at a glance. 


How you pack matters
When I'm going through security checkpoints, it all comes down to accessibility. I pack my electronics in a single layer so the customs officer can see clearly what each item is. Tip: Pack tightly and separate each electronic with rolled-up t-shirts. 

Learning to pack gadgets

Repurpose whenever possible
During a trip to Taipei, I had misplaced my laptop sleeve while on transit at Bangkok's Don Mueang airport. Fortunately, my hoodie came to the rescue, and I folded it into a temporary laptop bag. Find out how here:

Eileen is a frequent traveller who loves anything Korean and dreams of retiring on Jeju Island some day.