05 Dec 2016

3 Tips to Travelling with a Toddler

Lisa is a mother of an 18-month-old daughter, Luna. She shares her secrets in keeping her toddler and family happy during her frequent trips.  


Keeping to the routine
The one thing my husband and I learn from our many travels with Luna is to never mess with a kid's daily routine. The last thing we want is to have a cranky toddler throughout our flight. That's why we book night flights (especially for long-hauls) to coincide with her bed time. We also ensure she gets her usual afternoon nap so she won't get irritable when we reach the airport. 

Tip: Bring your kids to a park or indoor playground before the flight so they can tire themselves out and sleep for most part of the flight! 


Contingencies, contingencies, contingencies!
It is always important to have all your kid's needs on hand which is why I start packing our luggage days ahead. I will make a packing list for hand-carry and checked-in items and leave it somewhere easily seen so I can add on things when needed. Important essentials like her favourite soft toy, pacifier (great for preventing ear pops), snacks, extra diapers (at least 6 diapers for Luna) and clothes goes into my hand-carry bag. 

Tip: Always mix and share your luggage space! In the event that one luggage goes missing, everyone still have some clothing in the other luggage. 

ABC - All 'Bout Comfort
When travelling with a young child, you may want to pay attention to his or her comfort. Although Luna is only 18-month-old, she is in that transition phase where she is too big for the bassinet but too small to sit comfortably on an economy seat. So we got her a JetKids BedBox to lay down and travel "first-class" all the way till she is 7 years old. 

Handling Toddlers

Tip: Bring along your trusty baby carrier so you can have your hands free while you breeze through airport formalities. It is also great to keep your child calm and safe during turbulence. 

Lisa is an avid-traveller who does not let her mummyhood hinders her lifestyle. When she is not building sandcastles by the beach or cycling in the park, she helps develop Kiddet, an education and enrichment app-based platform.