15 Feb 2018

5 Chinese New Year Hacks For Your Home

CNY Home Hacks

Panicking to get your home ready for Chinese New Year? Here are five creative hacks to help you prepare pronto — they’re so fast, you can do most of them just 30 minutes before the relatives arrive!

Add A Dash Of Red

No time to deck the house out in Chinese New Year décor? Get away with it by placing a couple of red objects in the living room where everyone will gather — cushions, mugs, even a tablecloth! A quick fix to making your house look CNY-ready.

Get Shiny Surfaces With Old Milk

Don’t throw out that carton of expired milk! Soak a piece of cloth with it and wipe the marble and lacquered surfaces at home to restore their luster. Wipe them down again with a damp cloth after to clear any remaining smells from the milk.

Fake That “Fresh Laundry” Smell

Nothing says “a clean home” than the universally loved smell of freshly laundered sheets and clothes. Spritz a bit of linen spray on your pillows, sheets, cushions and couch to achieve that effect. If your house smells clean, chances are, your visitors will feel it’s clean!

Scrub Stains Away With Spuds

We all have that relative or family member who inspects every little thing in your home. Is Mom going to poke around the oven? Impress her with your shiny kitchen appliances by scrubbing stains away with potatoes! Don’t underestimate these little brown spuds — they’re excellent stain removers. Plus, dip them in salt for extra effective results.

Brew A Lovely Ambience

Delight your guests’ senses and make everyone feel right at home with a great-smelling house. Just brew a pot of tea and soak a towel in it. Then, wipe down your furniture with it for a nice gloss and a lingering fragrance.

Speedy hacks and quick fixes are great when you are pressed for time. But when the mad rush of Chinese New Year festivities settle down, take a moment to think about more lasting preparations for your home — keep it safe and protected with Enhanced HomePlus. Find out how it’s the best long-term hack for your home here.