26 Jan 2018

5 Easy Ways To Save Money With Safe Driving

safe driving save money

From maintenance and parking to ERP fees, owning a car in Singapore comes with plenty of expenses. But did you know that you can enjoy cost savings just by driving safely? Here are five scenarios where it is ultimately more rewarding to play it safe: 

Fast Turns

You're at a clear junction, so it seems safe to do a quick turn. But making turns without slowing down causes the structural integrity of your tires to decline. Making safe turns help preserve them longer and save you the hassle and cost of installing new tires. 

Exceeding Speed Limits

You're driving at 2 am on a straight, empty expressway. There are no road works or obstructions ahead and you are tempted to go beyond 90km/h. Driving at full speed may feel great but it can damage your car's shocks and exhaust system. Plus, most vehicles’ optimal fuel efficiency is at 80-90km/h. Traveling beyond that can decrease fuel efficiency by up to 28%. That means just a slight speed reduction can make every drop of fuel count!


You’re fairly new to driving and you’re on a busy road. You think it’s better and safer to keep braking, just in case. Your mantra is “When in doubt, just brake”. This sounds safe but overstepping on your brakes eventually results in you paying for repairs — over time, it damages the brake tubes and driving shaft, and reduces tire traction. Braking abruptly also runs the risk of surprising the driver behind you and resulting in an accident. Instead of playing it safe with incessant breaking, learn to be alert to road conditions so you know when to brake.

Changing Lanes

You’re running late for work and stuck in the morning jam. You’re tempted to keep switching to whichever lane starts moving, just to get ahead. But doing this is futile — you’re still stuck in a jam like everyone else and in the congestion, you might just graze your car against another. Not taking this risk saves you the costs that come with getting into scrapes on the road.

Beating Traffic Lights

You’re approaching a green traffic light but it turns amber just as you’re nearing it. You stand a good chance of beating it if you speed up — but it literally pays to slow down! Sudden and hard acceleration not only burns more fuel than necessary for your trip, it also burns a hole in your pocket with more frequent trips to the workshop. Beat the burn with UMax where your good driving behaviour is rewarded with excess waiver and more.