25 Sep 2017

5 Things To Know Before Booking Your Airbnb Holiday


More and more travellers are choosing authentic home stay experiences such as Airbnb over hotels to live like locals at affordable prices. But what if something goes wrong during your stay? And does travel insurance provide enough coverage? Here are 5 things you should know.

Your accommodation is covered
As Airbnb is considered pre-booked accommodation, your travel insurance plan would cover the value of the unused booking, in case of unforeseen circumstances such as falling seriously ill and having to cancel your trip (but not flight delay). Nonetheless, the onus is still on you, the traveller, to protect yourself and your belongings.

Avoid leaving your things unattended
If you and your travelling group are the only guests renting out the Airbnb house, then your personal belongings, cancellations and personal liability are insured. However, if you’re renting out a room within a house and there are other guests staying, ensure that your room’s door can be locked if you want your personal belongings covered.

Personal liability
If you injure yourself at an Airbnb due to your host’s negligence, contact them as soon as possible and check if their home insurance covers shared accommodation. In countries like Singapore where Airbnb has not been legalised, shared accommodation is excluded from home insurance. If that is the case, fret not - you can depend on your travel insurance policy which would cover you for medical and hospital expenses incurred. If you damage your host’s property, your travel insurance will cover the cost, usually by way of a lost deposit.

Research, research, research
Read the reviews before booking that Airbnb home as unsatisfactory experiences won’t be covered. Find out about their hosting experience, transport situation and if they are insured for share accommodation. While that apartment you’re considering looks great in photos, it might be located in a remote area. Tip: Use Google Maps Street View to look up the surrounding area.

Have a backup plan
In case your booking doesn’t work out, ensuring a backup plan makes good sense. This plan should include your emergency contact, the local police number and available transport options. If your Airbnb hosts make you feel unsafe in any way, or the accommodation seems unsecure, just get out.

Whether you’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip or a seasoned traveller, getting travel insurance lets you focus on your holiday and helps you recover from any potential problems. Let MSIG TravelEasy provide the security you need for a memorable holiday.