23 Feb 2018

8 Things Singaporeans Should Never Leave In The Car

Never Keep In Cars

We all know different ways to protect our car, but what about protecting what’s inside?  Here are eight things we shouldn’t keep in the car, exposed to Singapore’s hot weather:

1. Dogs

Did you know that when left unsheltered, your car interior can heat up to 38°C, assuming the outside temperature is only 24°C? That’s an unsafe temperature to leave your pet in and risks your furry kid getting a heat stroke!

2. Bottled Water

Everyone knows to drink plenty of water on a hot day but not many realise it’s unwise to leave bottled water in the car as potentially harmful chemicals in the bottle’s plastic can be released in the heat.

3. Wine

Connoisseurs know this — heat affects the way wine ages and tastes. So keep those bottles in the chiller instead of your car (the same goes for beers too).

4. Medicine

Ever notice that medication such as Panadol come with instructions to store them in a cool and dry place?  That’s why it’s not a good idea to leave them sitting in the car. The sizzling heat can damage them and result in a loss of effectiveness.

5. Lipstick

Did you know that some people keep lipstick in the refrigerator? There might be some truth to that — you can enjoy longer-lasting lipsticks by keeping them out of the sun, not where it may melt.

6. Sunglasses

Lots of people like to leave their sunnies on the dashboard. If you’re one of them, you may want to stop — intense heat can warp the plastic frames!

7. Electronics

The batteries in our laptops and smartphones tend to heat up. Do keep them out of the car since exposure to the sun can lead to overheating and damage, or worse, leakage of harmful acids.

8. Handbags and Wallets

While this has nothing to do with heat exposure, leaving valuables in plain sight increases the likelihood of your car getting broken into. Store them in a secure compartment or take them with you for safekeeping.

Protecting your belongings from the heat is simple enough, but how safe they are from a break-in is not always within your control. For true peace of mind, protect your car with UMax, which also covers your personal possessions. Find out more here.