13 Dec 2016

Are Your Gadgets Covered on Your Trips?

These days, we are most likely to bring along our trusty gadgets on our trips. Devices like our smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras and even drones not only keep us connected to the world, but also document our adventures. With such devices costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars, losing or damaging one on our trips could dampen our mood and pockets. If you are buying travel insurance, ask if it is enough to cover these items.


Generally, travel insurance does not have a specific section for electronic devices and these items are often categorised under the Baggage section. Most insurance companies also impose a limit on the claim amount for each item. Some also specify the maximum number of items for each type of personal belongings. Example, coverage is for clothes plus one laptop and one mobile device only. So always check your policy for such details! 

What is COVERED?

Mobile Devices. 
This includes smartphones, tablets and other handheld gadgets like phablets (think iPhone 7 Plus or Galaxy S7 Edge), netbooks and personal digital assistants (PDAs). 
Laptop. Depending on the definition in the policies, it usually refers to mobile computers (laptop and notebooks) that comes with a full-sized keyboard and flip-up monitor with at least a 12-inch screen. 
Cameras. Although not specifically mentioned or defined, cameras are usually covered under this section. However, the limit on the amount may not be very high! 


Yes, this trending gadget is specifically excluded from travel insurance. In fact, most mechanical propelled gadgets, vehicles and aircrafts are also excluded. If you really need to travel with your drone, get a specific drone or commercial insurance. Otherwise, it's best to keep it at home. 
Non-Accidental Damage. The general rule is that if it is not an accident, it is not covered. This means damage caused by wear and tear, mildew, atmospheric conditions, overheating, cleaning, repairing and mechanical or electrical breakdown are not covered. Unsure? Always check with your insurance company! 

We all love our gadgets! That's why it is important to ensure it is covered on our trips. Remember to pack them properly too! Check out the 3 Tips to Pack Gadgets for Travel