30 May 2016

Basic Car Maintenance Tips

Car maintenance article

Your car is one of your biggest investments, so it makes good sense to look after it. Regular inspections and preventive maintenance will help you avoid expensive repair bills later. Check your car's manual for the recommended servicing interval. Ideally, you should bring your car in for standard servicing every six months or when it hits 12,000km. A more complete checkup should be done every twelve months or 24,000km. 

Here are 8 basic maintenance tips to ensure a smoother ride. 

1) Take care of your tyres
Always inflate your tyres and check the pressure at regular intervals. Failing to do so might cause uneven wear and tear, shortening of the tyres' life span and even steering problems. 

2) Change the oil and filter regularly
Flush out abrasive dirt and metal particles with frequent oil changes, which also helps to extend your engine's life. 

3) Wash your car regularly
Clean your car's interior and exterior so that it stays spotless, shiny and corrosion-free. 

4) Maintain the car battery
Check your car battery regularly to extend its life, even if the manufacturer claims it's maintenance-free. Inform your workshop if you spot leaks or buildup on the battery's contacts. 

5) Drive with care and don't overload
Avoid accelerating your engine during start-up as this will wear out your car's engine. And watch out for overloading as this will overwork your car's cooling system and possibly leave you at the side of the road, with the car hood raised. 

6) Replace spark plugs
Many manufacturers recommend changing spark plugs every 50,000km. This ensures good fuel mileage and high engine performance. 

7) Change aircon filter
Ensure the air in your car circulates well to keep you and your other passengers cool and comfortable. 

8) Lights
Get your lights - headlamps, signal lights and brake lights - clean and in good working condition. Keep spare bulbs and fuses in your car in case any lights stop working.