24 Mar 2016

Crash Course on Claim involving Malaysian Motorist


Getting into an accident with a Malaysian registered vehicle can be a nightmare. The difference in the protocols and processes often leave Singaporean drivers (and even insurers) in the deep end as it can become a long-drawn process. Trust us, we've been there! That's why we're helping you out with these 4 steps.

Never Admit Liability

It is only normal to feel nervous, confused and even traumatised in an accident. During the chaos, you may also end up saying things you shouldn't be saying like apologising or worse, admitting liability. These could jeopardise your claim efforts later on. Never admit liability without giving a chance for the investigations to reveal the cause.

Gather Information

Whether there are injuries or not, call the Police immediately when you are involved in an accident with a foreign-registered vehicle. Do not move your vehicle until the Police arrive.

Getting hold of these information will also help with the investigations (download our checklist!)

  • - ID and contact details of the driver and passengers
  • - Name of their insurer
  • - Name and contact details of witnesses, if any
  • - Pictures of the accident scene and the vehicles (including Malaysian Road Tax Disc)

The most important evidence is actually the road tax disc!

Lodge reports

Once you've gathered all the information available, you will need to lodge two reports.

  1. Police Report - either with the Singapore Police Force or the Malaysian Royal Police depending on the location of accident. Remember to pass them all the evidence you've gathered.
  2. Singapore Accident Statement (SAS) - go to any of the IDAC Reporting Centres or your insurer's authorised workshop to lodge your accident report.

Claim Own Damage

Make a claim if you bought a comprehensive motor insurance policy. Yes, it may affect your No-Claim Discount (NCD) and your premiums but it is better than paying out of your own pocket for the repairs and waiting at least 1 year for any settlement.

Malaysian insurers can be particular about full documentation which is why it is better to let your insurer handle the paperwork.

For more information on claiming against a foreign motorist, you can visit General Insurance Association (GIA) website.