23 Mar 2017

Family Comes First


Working in Singapore can be hectic with the heavy workload, high expectations and tight deadlines. It becomes more challenging when you have to juggle your work and family. In fact, the difficulty in striking a balance between career and family often cause many working moms to sacrifice their careers for an even bigger responsibility at home. Yet, these moms, like our 2017 Goals Facebook Contest winner, Ester Miettinen, are proud of their decisions. 

Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, Ester used to struggle balancing her time between family and work. She even roped in her husband to help out with the household chores so she has more time to spend with her two children. They also planned a schedule which they adhere to. 

However, the challenge in juggling work and family was not the deciding factor for Ester. Instead, the inability to comfort her kids when they are sick or hurt was the main reason that compelled Ester to quit her full-time job and be a stay-at-home mom. 

"Whenever the teacher at my four-year-old son's school called asking me to pick my son up as he was ill or have hurt himself, it made me reconsider being a working mom. If he was at home with me, I could have done something to prevent these from happening or at least attend to him," Ester explains. 

No matter how good a childcare is or how low the teacher-child ratio is, it is still not as good as your undivided attention for your kids. In fact, it is this attention that will help to contribute to a child's positive development instead of your smartphones and tablets. 

"Children grow up so fast and I don't like to miss out on their milestones. Besides, they look up to us, adults and it is important that I set a good example from the start," said Ester. Now that she is a full-time mom, Ester aims to cherish every moment she has with her family and to love them as much as she can. 

Nonetheless, to parents who both have to work, Ester advises them to work together and help each other with the household chores or even consider extra help so both of you will have some alone time with the kids. Another advice Ester has for working parents is to switch off and not think of work once you are home. Take that time to focus on what truly matters - your children.