15 Jun 2016

Home Safe Home

Home Safe Home

Your home should be a haven, one where your family can feel safe and thrive. And as one of your biggest investments, it deserves all the protection it can get. Reduce risk inside and around your home with these safety measures to create a secure home for your family. 

Living room
It's the first room you come home to, hence space is of the essence. Ensure a clear and uncluttered walkway by arranging furniture wisely. Choose chairs of a comfortable height with proper backrest. Carpets and rugs should not have folds or creases when placed on the floor. Loose wires could cause you to trip so tape electrical and telephone cords to your walls to prevent them from obstructing walkways. 

Keep the floor and kitchen countertops dry by wiping spills immediately. Place commonly used items such as plate and cutlery within easy reach. However, keep appliance cords away from the sink or stove. Maintain a safe distance between flammable objects like paper, curtains and plastics and fire sources like your stove. And remember to leave space around your appliances for proper ventilation. 

The smallest room in the house could be the most dangerous. Use non-slip mats to prevent falls and keep the room as clean and dry as possible. Ensure toiletries, toilet paper and clothing are within easy reach. Refrain from using electrical appliances in the bathroom. Otherwise, keep them wrapped in ziploc bags and away from water. 

Comfort is key in this room, as you are likely to spend most of your time resting. Choose a bed frame with suitable height as well as a firm mattress and pillows to get a good night's rest. We also recommend keeping your mobile phone nearby. Not for checking your Facebook feed, but in the case of emergency.