22 Jan 2017

How to Rev Up for a Road Trip


A road trip across the Causeway is a great way to spend quality time with your family while taking in the sights. Before you hit the North-South Expressway running, plan ahead with this handy guide. 

Preparation is the key
Before the trip, bring your car to a workshop to get it checked. From tyre pressure to topping up coolants and fluids, ensure your car is in good condition for the long drive ahead. Fit your car with a GPS system and Google maps; don't forget to update the maps before leaving home. 

Map out your journey
Have the address of your accommodation ready and use Google maps to check the estimated driving time. Remember to include pit stops for some R&R as well as refuelling. Before departing Singapore, ensure your Singapore-registered vehicle's petrol tank is at least three-quarters full. Monitor your fuel gauge as some stretches of road do not have a petrol station, for example from Malacca to Machap. Also, check if you need to apply for the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) before entering Malaysia. 

Understand Malaysian rules
Be aware of their traffic rules. While the speed limit on highways is 110km/h, most drivers in the passing lane average 120km/h or faster. Pay tolls on highways with a Touch-n-Go card that you can purchase and top up at petrol stations after crossing Malaysian customs. Driving to KL and beyond? Save the hassle by topping up your card to RM100 for a fuss-free journey. 

Get cosy
Pack healthy snacks in case someone gets hungry during the journey and you have not arrived at your designated stops. Prepare fun Spotify playlists to sing along to and liven the mood in the vehicle. Great for keeping yourself awake on the road too! Don't forget games as children can get bored easily and have cushions ready for a comfortable ride. 

Ultimately, drive safely and have a co-driver who can take over the wheel from you when you get tired. 

Haven't decided on where to go? Consider these popular Malaysian destinations: 

1) Port Dickson
314 km northwest of Singapore, approximately 3 hours drive
A small port popular for sailing, Port Dickson draws in the locals with its beaches but it's the activities inland such as ostrich farm and military museum visits that your kids will enjoy. 

2) Selangor
362 km northwest of Singapore, approximately 4 hours drive
Home to popular attractions such as Sunway Lagoon, Batu Caves, and Grand Mosques, there's something for everyone with activities ranging from cultural and heritage to nature. 

3) Taman Negara, Titiwangsa Mountains
600 km northeast of Singapore, approximately 7 hours drive
Nature lovers can unwind in Malaysia's largest national park and revel in activities such as rock climbing, fishing, camping and jungle trekking.