24 May 2016

How to Unlock your Happiness

Did you know that your happiness literally comes from within? That's because the four positive neurochemicals responsible for your happiness - dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin, and serotonin - are just waiting to be released. 

Happiness Article

But don't wait for the right moments or situations to trigger these hormones. Do yourself a favour, create your own happiness by activating these neurochemicals. Trust us, a little happiness goes a long way to making you more motivated, productive, and ultimately a better person. 

Dopamine, or the anticipation hormone, gets you pursuing your dreams and gives you a sense of happiness when you accomplish them. But it's not all about the hustle. Remember to treat yourself after achieving a goal, big or small. Want to keep dopamine levels flowing? Set new goals before achieving the current one to ensure consistency.

Laughter is the best medicine, and no other neurochemical knows this better than Endorphin. This hormone helps you power through painful situations and also reduces anxiety and depression. Keep your endorphins flowing with a good workout, or have some dark chocolate handy to keep the blues away. 

Oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone, is released through closeness with another person. So give someone a hug to keep your oxytocin flowing, which helps to reduce cardiovascular stress and improve immune system. Not a hugger? You could also give someone a gift, which not only increases their oxytocin levels, but also strengthens work and personal relationships. 

Having a good day? You can thank Serotonin. But if you are having the blues, then your body might be lacking this positive neurochemical. A good way to up your serotonin levels is to note down what you are thankful for, thereby practising gratitude. Need some serotonin fast? Get out, grab some coffee and bask in the sunlight for 20 minutes for a happier you.