02 Dec 2015

How to be a Domestic Goddess (even if you are working 24/7!)

We know working mums have limited time to take care of the household but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a domestic goddess!  Here are some interesting home hacks to impress your sweetheart, and prove that you still rule the roost! 

How to be a Domestic Goddess

1.    Clean Fan Blades with a Pillow Sheet

It’s not easy to clean fan blades without making a mess of the whole area under the fan.  So, take an old pillow case that you barely use, slide it in over the fan’s blades and pull it while holding to the side of the blades so that the dust will be trapped in the pillow case.  Voila!

2.    Use Chalk to Battle Stains

The small particles in chalk make it an effective substance to lift out grease stains.  For this technique, you need to use chalk that has been traditionally used to write on the blackboard instead of the modern version which may contain wax.  Just rub it on the grease spot on the fabric, let it sit for a while and remove the debris.  You can launder your clothing as usual after the spot treatment!

3.    Toilet Paper Tube for Tight Spaces

Keep your toilet paper tube for this nifty trick!  You might notice that your vacuum cleaner might not have the specific extensions to clean hard to reach areas, especially tight spaces.  Just take one toilet paper tube, insert it at the end of your vacuum hose and bend or fold it to fit the specific area you’re trying to reach.  You’re cleaning and recycling at the same time!

4.    Plastic Container Stains?

We love our Curry and Sambal but sometimes it leaves stains that are hard to remove in the container.  Try this simple method to get rid of the stains and also odour!  Mix the solution of dishwashing liquid, bleach and water.  Pour it in the stained container and microwave until the solution is boiling.  Let the solution cooled before you get rid of it.  Rinse and dry as usual. 

5.    Banish crayon on the walls with toothpaste

Children like to express their creativity spontaneously and almost anywhere.  The house walls are no exception. Grab a toothpaste from your bathroom and wipe the cute mural with a rag.  The soft abrasive properties in the toothpaste will be enough to remove the stains.  Finish it with a wet wipe.

6.    Clutter Control in 15 Minutes

Cleaning everything in one go is an almost impossible task for a career mum.  So take the initiative by spending 15 minutes every day to pick up scattered items in the house and also take note if there are items that you no longer need to keep clutter at bay.  This will make your weekend clean up more bearable.  Another tip that you can utilise is by delegating simple chores to your children if they are at the appropriate age and prepare a checklist so that you don’t forget what needs to be done.