14 Jul 2016

Preparing for a Trail Run

Preparing for a Trail Run-2

You've done the training. You've worked out a race strategy. With MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50 Trail Run just two days away, what else do you need to get ready? Take note of these guidelines for a race to remember. 

Ready your gear
The night before the race, pack your bag with everything you'll need: race clothes, trail shoes, water bottle, cap, sunglasses, wallet, mobile phone and anything else you want to bring. Tip: pin your number to your race shirt so you won't have to fumble with pins in the morning. 

Get adequate rest
Set two alarms if you can, as you'll sleep better knowing at least one will go off. Go to bed at your usual time and try to relax. If you find yourself tossing and turning, don't worry. It's more important to get enough sleep during the week before the race. 

Be early
Try to arrive at the starting point at least 30 minutes before the race to allow yourself ample time for a good warm up and to prepare yourself mentally. 

Start slow
Because a trail run is essentially a big group of people squeezing onto a narrow trail, you might be tempted to start out quickly to get ahead of the pack. Avoid doing so as you'll use up oxygen and tire out before everyone else does. Stay loose and you'll get into a rhythm as the run progress. A relaxed mindset means you'll be less likely to fall and keep to your speed. 

Minimise chafing
Address hot spots, chafing, sand or small rocks in shoes early. Don't wait till it affects your run, or worse, cause an injury. 

Adjust your footing
Trail running requires tactics and a good understanding of the terrain you'll be facing. Shorten your stride when running uphill, and keep your head up and chest forward. As you're going downhill, remember to run on the balls of your feet for better control and balance. 

Stop and enjoy the sights
Sprint from tree to tree, run up a hill fast and jog downhill. It is a trail run after all, so take a moment to enjoy the scenery and have fun while you're at it. But ensure your footing is right and that you're not blocking other runners. 

All the best for the run!