20 Jul 2016

Road is their Stage, Fraud is their Game

Commonly staged road accidents

Motor insurance fraud is on the rise and is causing motor insurance premiums to rise yearly. Often, insurance companies are forced to pay fraudulent claims due to insufficient evidence. As such, it is important that drivers can identify a potential fraud and notify their insurance companies immediately. Here are three of the most commonly staged accidents. 

SCENE 1: Parking Lot Punk

You get into your car and look into your rear view mirror. All is clear and you start reversing your car out of the parking lot. BAMMM!!! Your car jerks and you see another vehicle at the rear of your car. 

While it may be a genuine case of not noticing an approaching vehicle, it could also be part of a fraudster's scheme. Some fraudsters may drive around a car park preying on unsuspecting victims. This situation is hard to get out of but can be avoided with these steps:

-Park rear-in 

-Reverse out slowly

-Turn your head and look behind so you have a wider range of view

SCENE 2: Jam Brake Bully

This is one of the most common scenarios we've uncovered during our investigations. Fraudsters will jam their brakes causing you to slam into the rear of their vehicle. They may even cut into your lane abruptly and stop suddenly, leaving you no chance to react. They will then submit exorbitant claims for their vehicle and exaggerate their injury claims.

Don't get bullied by doing these: 

-Install an in-car camera (Make sure it works! )

-Keep your phones away and don't get distracted

-Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front


SCENE 3: Tag Team Trapper

Sometimes, fraudsters work in pairs or even groups. In this scene, a duo will usually drive on both sides of your vehicle. One will swerve into your lane and stop abruptly while his teammate prevents you from swerving into another lane to avoid the collision.

Here's how you can jump over the trap:

-Remain observant on the road (Look out for suspicious behavior on the road)

-Do not speed

-Maintain your vehicle (especially tyres and brakes) regularly

If you have witnessed such an accident or were unfortunately involved in one, please contact your insurance company or contact the GIA Fraud hotline at 1800-44-37283. Every bit of information will help us in our fight against fraud.