30 Jan 2017

Service Starts with Sincerity


What started as a frantic query turned into a happy outcome for our customer, Ms Irene Chua.

Ms Chua had purchased a travel insurance policy for her husband on 8 December last year but did not receive the SMS notification sent after an application. As her husband was flying off on 10 December, she grew anxious and wondered if her application was received. She decided to contact MSIG Singapore via its Facebook page.

On 9 December at 7.13pm, she sent this private message: "I need help. I bought travel insurance yesterday and until today I have yet to receive any SMS. No confirmation, and my husband is flying off at 7am tomorrow. How can I confirm? You are closed on weekends. How do I check?"

Within minutes, she received a response from Hasif, who rendered his assistance. The efficiency caught her by surprise as it was after regular working hours and she didn't expect a quick turnaround. After providing Hasif with the required details and acknowledgement number, she found out that there was no record of her application. Based on MSIG's advice, she then reapplied online for instant confirmation and even received a waiver off her first application.

Not only was Ms Chua impressed by the prompt response, she was touched by the sincere service our staff had provided.

"Hasif, Gale and Deborah have gone above and beyond what they are expected to provide for customers. They have provided extremely excellent service - excellent is an understatement here. I was surprised that staff who were off duty stayed around in the office to check on a travel insurance plan that cost less than $30."

Ms Chua would definitely recommend MSIG to her family and friends because she feels that MSIG will not fail them and is always around to help.