28 Jun 2017

Travelling with Elderly Parents – Tips to Make Them Happy


Parents are the foundation of who we are today. Their selfless beings have provided us food, shelter, education and most important of all, love and affection. So, it is about time that we let them enjoy life a little more and perhaps, invite them along on our travels. Having travelled to Japan with her elderly parents last year, our #TravelEasywithMSIG contest winner, Alexa Chin, shares some tips to make such trips a memorable one.

Plan ahead and involve our parents

Like any trips we make, research and planning are essential. It is even more so when it involves travelling with elderly parents. Besides researching on must-see places, we should also find out if these places require extensive amount of walking or have terrain that may not be suitable for our elderly parents.

According to Alexa, it is also important to involve our parents in the planning stages and seek their opinions on the itinerary. Not only does this gives an indication of what our parents are comfortable with or excited about, it also eases their minds and make them feel appreciated.

Rent a car

Renting a car may not be the cheapest transport option but it is the most convenient for our elderly parents. Like kids, our elderly parents tire easily too. As such, we should try to minimise the need for them to walk long distances to get to a location. Avoiding the public transport especially during peak hours can actually be safer for our elderly parents. They do not have to worry about not getting seats during long commutes or getting injured as a result of being pushed or tripped by large crowds.

If we do rent a car, Alexa recommends getting internet data and using Google Maps to navigate our way through the foreign roads.

Focus on comfort

Besides planning with convenience in mind, comfort should also be prioritised for our elderly parents. Prepare a packing list for them to ensure that they always pack light. We could also help lighten their load by packing some of their things in our bags. If we rent a car, we could leave most of the items in the car and only take out the essentials.

The elderly are also less accustomed and tolerant to the cold. As such, check the weather before leaving our accommodation and ensure that everyone is adequately dressed. Bring along a vacuum flask too so our parents can always have a hot drink and keep warm.

Get covered

For a complete peace of mind when travelling, Alexa encourages us to get travel insurance. Travel insurance comes in handy in the event of an accident, flight delay or medical emergency. As many travel insurers provide emergency concierge, we can be assured of getting proper help in times of need.

“I always purchase travel insurance from MSIG after a smooth claim experience. I submitted a claim for a flight delay once and all I had to do was to submit the claim form plus all supporting documents to receive the claim settlement cheque,” added Alexa.

With everything that our parents have done for us, the least we can do is to let them have a fun and memorable trip with a peace of mind.



The younger of two sisters, Alexa Chin is a Business Operations and Marketing executive in an IT firm who loves to blog when she is not busy travelling.