23 May 2017

Where Learning Never Stops


Unlike other economics graduates who tend to pursue careers in banks and the public sector, Tay Chun Kiat decided to dip his toes into the insurance industry.

“My decision was influenced by my internship experience at two insurance brokers, where I saw how the insurance industry is dynamic and requires one to learn and unlearn knowledge to keep up with changing technological trends,” he says.

That constant need to stay abreast of latest developments has kept Chun Kiat engaged in the job for close to two years now.

Today, Chun Kiat is part of MSIG’s actuarial team that analyses data to identify trends that may be developing. “I work with my team to decide on premium rate recommendations and explain the numbers to various stakeholders,” he says.

As a scholar, Chun Kiat is expected to go beyond his day to day job and take on new projects that may be out of his comfort zone. “In my past year, I have done research on driverless cars, drone insurance and more recently, telematics,” he says.

To those who are interested in following his footsteps, Chun Kiat says: “Don’t be afraid to enter the insurance sector – it may be a complex industry but MSIG has the right culture and environment to help you get started on an exciting career.”