09 Mar 2017

Why Family Vacations Are Important


Travelling has become a norm these days as Singaporeans become more affluent and value the importance of work-life balance. It is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones as you experience new things together. This is also the reason why our 2017 Goals Facebook Contest winner, Desmond Teo, made travelling with his family a top priority this year.

"In my younger days, work always came first because I needed to support their living expenses. My wife would take care of everything in the household. Now I want to make up for the time I lost with them."

Desmond who enjoys gardening and brisk walking now ensures that his family sets aside time for at least one trip each year to countries like Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Europe or America. Besides making up for lost time, travelling as a family also has other benefits.

No stress, no routine
In fast-paced Singapore, everyone is bogged down by endless tasks, deadlines, errands, and other activities as a result of work, school or even household responsibilities. All of these activities add stress to daily lives and a family holiday helps put a break to it. With less things to worry about, the family has more time for each other and build invaluable connections.

Bond with each other
Family vacations improve communication and bonding as members explore a new environment together. Even a simple activity like having meals includes everyone in the family - a rarity in today's context. Doing more things together can only build a stronger bond.

Create more shared memories
Shared memories are like food for the soul. Not only do they provide common topics for families to talk about and bring them closer, discussing shared memories are also proven to help people improve mental performance.

No matter the benefits, you can definitely be sure that family vacations are worth the investment. If you are planning on a family trip, Desmond has an advice - purchase travel insurance!

"Travel insurance is important to all travellers. I purchase travel insurance because it gives me a sense of security. It covers medical expenses incurred during the trip, travel misconnection, flight delay, loss of baggage and most importantly, accidents which no one can predict."