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Claim Procedures


Notify Relevant Parties

  • Contact us at +65 6827 7660 at the occurrence of a loss and/or damage situation that may give rise to a claim. 
  • Do not accept delivery of goods against a clean receipt at any sign of loss and/or damage. 
  • Immediately notify carriers and/or other parties responsible for the loss and/or damage and invite them for a joint survey.

Mitigate Loss & Collect Information

  • Take necessary steps to minimise further loss or damage to the goods.
  • Assist and cooperate with our appointed surveyors during the course of their survey.

Supporting Documents For Marine Claim


You can help us to expedite your claim by providing the required documents promptly.

Supporting Documents For Marine Claim


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1. Original insurance policy
2. Suppliers’ invoice and packing list/weight list
3. Bill of Lading or other contract of carriage with its reverse side
4. Notice of claim to the carriers or other responsible parties
5. Claim bill
6. Other documents which we may require

We will contact you for any additional documents that may be required.