Golf Insurance

Claim Procedure

Claim Procedure


Notify Relevant Parties

  • Inform the Golf Club in the event of any occurrence which may give rise to a claim under your policy.
  • Report your claim to us as soon as possible or within 30 days of the insured event(s) via the claim form.

Collect Information

  • Take photographs of the damaged items.
  • In cases involving damage to property or bodily injury of a third party: 
    1. note down the particulars of the third party
    2. obtain the details of the nature and extent of claim
    3. do not admit liability, settle or negotiate settlement without our prior approval
    4. immediately inform us when you receive any letter of demand, Writ of Summons, etc from the third party.

Submit Information

  • You may download a copy of the claim form or request for the form to be sent to you.
  • Complete the claim form and submit it with all the necessary supporting documents to us.
Supporting Documents for Golf Claim

You can help us to expedite your claim by providing the required documents promptly.

We will contact you for any additional documents that may be required.


If you have purchased your golf insurance through your golf club, please refer to their website for information.

1. If I accidentally hit a Third Party vehicle while practising in the golf course, are the repairs for Third Party vehicle covered under this policy?

Yes, our Golfer’s Insurance covers your legal liability towards third party for bodily injury and accidental loss or damage to the third party property under Section 1 – Liability to the Public.

2. If I lose my golfing equipment, do I have to make a police report?

Yes, please lodge a police report at the place of loss immediately.  

If you are outside of Singapore and are unable to make a police report for valid reasons, please make a police report immediately upon your return to Singapore.

3. If I lose or damage my golf equipment outside of the golf club, can I claim under the policy?

No, loss or damage to your golf club is only covered if it occurs at any golf course or driving range.

4. How is my claim for damaged/lost golfing equipment adjusted?

We will reimburse, repair or replace the damaged/lost golfing equipment provided the damage/loss occurred at any golf course or driving range.

Generally, we will apply a 20% depreciation per year on the value of the golfing equipment from the date of purchase of the damaged/lost item