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If you would like to request for a vehicle pre-repair inspection, please email us here.

We will arrange for the inspection and contact you accordingly.


Notify Relevant Parties

  • If there are injuries, dial 995 for the ambulance or 999 for the police. Do not remove the vehicles unless you need to rescue the injured parties. Move your vehicle to the side if no one is injured.
  • If you require tow-truck service or further advice on the accident, please call our 24-hour helpline at
    +65 6827 7660.

Collect Information

  • Take photographs of the accident scene and damaged vehicles. You may approach any of our authorised workshops or IDAC centres for assistance to download the photographs.
  • Exchange information and particulars of driver/owner, including name, NRIC/FIN, telephone number, email address, insurer and policy number. Note down the vehicle registration number and vehicle details.
  • Note down the name, address, contact number of any eye-witness(es).
  • Avoid all unauthorised tow-truck operators or repair workshops.
  • Do not admit liability.

Report Accident

  • File a police report under the following circumstances:
    - injury case
    - hit and run case
    - non-injury involving:
    (a) government vehicle
    (b) damage to government property
    (c) foreign vehicle
    (d) pedestrian or cyclist
  • Report your accident and bring your accident vehicle (regardless of the extent of damage) to our approved reporting centres/authorised workshops within 24 hours or by the next working day. If you do not comply with this requirement, you may lose your No Claims Discount (NCD) (all or part) during your policy renewal and your rights to claim under the policy may also be affected.
  • If you are making a claim under your own policy, you may request any of our authorised workshops to submit a quotation for repairs to us. You need to decide if you are claiming for your own damage repair and the claim need to be submitted within 14 days of occurrence or discovery of damage.
  • If you are making a third party claim against a Singapore insurer at our authorised workshop, an estimate will be prepared and the third party insurer will be invited to survey your vehicle within 2 working days. For accidents involving Malaysian registered vehicles and/or insurer, you are advised to claim under your own insurance policy. Please visit the General Insurance Association (GIA) website for more information on claiming against a foreign motorist.
  • If you are using your own workshop, please ensure that you contact the third party insurer for the pre-repair survey before commencing repairs. This will ensure that your claim may not be prejudiced.

Supporting Documents For Motor Claim


You can help us to expedite your claim by providing the required documents promptly.

Supporting Documents For Motor Claim


Tick here

When lodging an accident report at any IDAC centre or our approved reporting centre/authorised workshops

1. Identity Card/Passport

2. Motor Certificate of Insurance

3. Driver’s driving licence

4. Police report, if any

5. Photographs, if any

When making a repair claim for your vehicle within the authorised repair limit

1. E-filed accident report

2. Police report, if any

3. Original photographs of damage

4. Final repair bill and receipt

When making a medical benefits claim for you and/or your passengers

1. Original medical bills and/or receipts

2. Medical report, if required

When making a Personal Accident Claim

1. Police Report

2. Medical Report, if required

3. Death Certificate, and documentary proof of relationship between deceased and claimant (in the event of death)

When making a third party property damage claim

1. E-filed accident report

2. Police report, if any

3. Independent surveyor’s report with original photographs

4. Final repair bill and receipts

5. Car rental agreement, invoice and receipt, if any

6. Receipts for policy excess, if any

When making a third party bodily injuries claim

1. E-filed accident report

2. Police report

3. Police final investigation result

4. Original medical bills and/or receipts

5. Medical report, if required

6. Relevant supporting documents to substantiate various heads of claims

We will contact you for any additional documents that may be required.


Accident Reporting

1. Where can I get the Motor Claim form?

The Motor Claim forms are no longer in use. Please go to any authorised workshop or IDAC to report an accident.

2. When do I need to make a police report?

Please make a police report at the nearest police station within 24 hours when:

  1. An injury is involved
  2. A government vehicle or property is damaged (E.g. Police car, traffic light, lamppost and road divider.)
  3. A foreign vehicle is involved
  4. A pedestrian, cyclist or Personal Mobility Device (PMD) user is involved
  5. It is a “hit-and-run” case

3. What do I do if the motor accident happens in Malaysia?

Please exchange particulars including the insurance details with the party/parties involved and make a police report in Malaysia.  

Please drive your vehicle back to any authorised workshop in Singapore for damage assessment and repairs.

If you require towing services, please call our authorised workshops or 24-hour Roadside Assistance at 6337 1208 for assistance. Our partners will arrange for a Malaysian counterpart to tow your vehicle to the causeway where our authorised workshop will take over the towing of your vehicle.

Alternatively, you may arrange for your own towing services and submit the towing receipts for reimbursement under your comprehensive motor insurance policy of up to S$500.

4. How do I submit a windscreen claim?

You may send your vehicle to any of our authorised workshops or contact our windscreen specialists listed below:

  • Glass-Fix Pte Ltd at 6278 0887
  • Cheng Auto Bodyworks at 6331 0707

Our workshops will provide you with a Windscreen Claim Form to complete and they will advise you on the necessary repair or replacement works for windscreen damage. If a repair is done, the windscreen excess of $100 will be waived.

Note: Only broken and/or chipped windscreens are payable. Scratched windscreens are not claimable under the windscreen benefit.

5. How do I submit a fire/theft claim?

Please make a police report and submit a copy of the report to any of our authorised workshops or IDAC for accident reporting.

In the event of a fire, please send the damaged vehicle to our authorised workshops for damage assessment and repairs.

6. How do I submit a claim if my vehicle is damaged as a result of flood or fallen tree?

Please send or tow your vehicle to an authorised workshop to report the accident and have your damaged vehicle assessed and repaired.

If your vehicle is damaged by a fallen tree, please take photographs of the fallen tree to capture any decay as well as the general position to determine the locality of the tree. Please submit these photographs to the authorised workshop when you make the accident report.

Note: NCD will be affected and policy excess is applicable for all own damage claim as a result of flood and/or fallen tree.



7. Can I submit a claim if my vehicle breaks down/has punctured tyres/ experiences a mechanical/electrical breakdown?

No, the comprehensive motor insurance policy provides cover for accident-related repairs only. If your tyres are damaged in an accident with other parts of the vehicle damaged, the vehicle repairs and tyre replacement will be covered.

8. If my car was broken into and my personal belongings/car accessories stolen /damaged, can I submit a claim under my policy?

Please check your policy documents as the cover differs between policies.

Generally, the comprehensive motor insurance policy covers broken or smashed windows as part of the windscreen coverage. It also covers standard car accessories.


Third Party Claim

9. I have received a letter from a third party lawyer, what should I do?

Please do not reply to the third party lawyer.

If the letter is addressed/copied to us, you do not need to do anything. Otherwise, please send or email a copy of the letter to us.

10. What do I do when I received a Writ of Summons?

Please write down the date and time you received the Writ of Summons and your vehicle number and send a copy (via fax, email or hand) to us immediately.

Please note that we will need to respond within 8 days from the date you received the Writ of Summons.

11. What must I do when I receive a letter from MSIG informing me of a Third Party claim received?

If you have any other evidence such as witness statement, video footage or police investigation results, please submit these items to us.

If you would like to handle the claim from third party on your own (without involving your insurance policy), please contact the claims officer in the letter. 

Otherwise, there is no further action needed from you and we will handle the Third Party claim accordingly.

12. If the Third Party Insurer rejected my claim, can I now submit a claim under my policy?

No, we will not allow partial or full reversion/submission of claims beyond 14 days from the date of accident/discovery of loss.

13. If my claim against the Third Party Insurer is settled at 70%, can I submit a claim for the balance 30% against my policy?

No, we do not allow partial or full reversion/submission of claims. If the liability is unclear, we advise you to check with your claims officer for advice.


No Claim Discount (NCD)

14. When will my NCD be affected?

Your NCD will be affected when there is a claim (own damage and/or third party claim) made under your policy. NCD may also be affected for late reporting or in anticipation of a claim.

If you have more than one claim made during a policy year, your entire NCD will be removed.

15. If I have an NCD Protector, will my NCD be affected in the event of a claim?

Your NCD will be protected for the first claim arising out of the same accident made during the period of insurance. If you have more than one claim arising out of different accidents, your NCD for the subsequent claims will be affected.

Note: Your NCD may still be reduced for late reporting with NCD Protector.

16. When would the NCD be returned/reinstated to me?

Your NCD will be reinstated if you have:

  1. Recovered at least 80% of your uninsured losses claim (policy excess, loss of use/rental and incidental expenses) from the Third Party Insurer
  2. A documented and signed private settlement with the other party (i.e. without claiming any insurance company for Own Damage/Third Party claims)
  3. A written confirmation from Third Party that they are not submitting a claim

17. How do I request for a reinstatement of my NCD?

Please submit the following documents:

  1. Third Party Discharge Voucher signed by you
  2. Offer letter from Third Party Insurer showing the details of settlement
  3. Private settlement note signed by both parties
  4. Written confirmation from Third Party that no claims will be submitted

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