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Your car lets you travel in style and comfort. With MotorMax Plus, you and your passengers can travel safely, too. Our motor insurance plan goes beyond to give you the flexibility of choosing workshops and more.

Car Loan Protection
MotorMax Plus offers $100,000 worth of car loan benefits to cover any outstanding car loan if the policyholder dies in a car accident.

New for Old Replacement
If your car becomes irreparable after an accident, we replace it with a brand new one as long as your original is less than 12 months old.

Transport Allowance
We pay you a transport allowance if your car repair takes longer than expected.

Online  Instant Quote

Quick and personalised motor insurance fee quote which you can save and retrieve online within 30 days.

24  24/7 Helpline

Get help from our 24-hour roadside assistance for towing, lockout or battery jumpstart services.

Claims  Claims Made Easy

Wherever possible, you deal with only one motor insurance claims specialist throughout your case. Rest assured we will come to your rescue even in third-party liability claims.



Limit of Liability

CoverageMotorMaxMotorMax Plus



Comprehensive coverage of Insured Vehicle against accidental loss or damage

Market Value of Insured Vehicle at time of loss or damage

Liability To Third Parties

  • Death or bodily injury to any person


  • Damage to property




Personal Accident Benefits

  • Policyholder



  • Authorised Driver and/or passenger (up to legal seating capacity)

$10,000 each

$50,000 each



Medical Expenses

  • Policyholder

Up to $1,000

Up to $1,000

  • Authorised Driver and/or passenger (up to legal seating capacity)

Up to $1,000 each

Up to $1,000 each



Choice of Workshop for accident repairs to Insured Vehicle

MSIG’s authorised workshops

Any workshop



Transport allowance while the Insured Vehicle undergoes repairs following accident damage if the approved repair period is more than 3 days. Where this benefit applies, cover starts from the first day of repair. Please refer to the illustration in FAQ No. 7.

Not Covered

$50 per day
Max 10 days



New for Old Replacement (High performance, sports makes and high value vehicles excluded)
Replaces with a new vehicle of the same make, model and engine capacity up to $100,000 above the market value of the Insured Vehicle at the time of a Total Loss or Constructive Total Loss occurring within 12 months of its first registration, or pays for the difference. This benefit does not cover losses caused by flood, theft or robbery of the Insured Vehicle.

Not Covered




Loan Protection Benefits

Pays the outstanding loan amount in respect of the Insured Vehicle following accidental death of the Policyholder in direct connection with the Insured Vehicle.

Not Covered

Up to $100,000




Windscreen Cover due to breakage, subject to excess of $100 for each claim.

Excess will be waived where repair to the windscreen is done instead of a replacement. 

Auto reinstatement



24 hours Automobile and Medical Assistance Services

  • Auto Assistance Helpline Services such as emergency towing, roadside assistance, vehicle repatriation, accident & police report notification, locksmith referral and many more

  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of the Policyholder for accidents within the Geographical area (excluding Singapore) in connection with the Insured Vehicle


Geographical Area:

Singapore, West Malaysia and that part of Thailand within 80 kilometres of the border between Thailand and West Malaysia.


Cover is subject to an Excess for vehicle damage repairs.

An additional Young and/or Inexperienced Driver Excess of $3,000 applies for any person (other than Policyholder) who is under 27 years old and/or has held a valid driving licence for 2 years or less.

This policy is protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please visit MSIG, GIA or SDIC.


1. What is the Young and/or Inexperienced Driver Excess about?

This Excess (the first amount of any claim to be borne by you) applies in respect of a claim for loss or damage when the Insured Vehicle is driven by any person (other than the Policyholder) who is under 27 years old and/or has held a valid driving licence for 2 years or less. This Excess is payable on top of the regular vehicle standard policy Excess.

2. What is the Market Value and how is this determined?

This is the assessed value of the Insured Vehicle at the time of the accident, arrived at by comparing retail prices for vehicles of the same make, model, age and condition.

3. What is the No-Claim Discount (NCD) Protector and how does it work?

The NCD Protector is an optional benefit and is available only to holders of 50% NCD at an additional premium. It protects your NCD entitlement in the event of a first claim in the policy year. See illustration below on how it works:

Claim made during
Period of Insurance

NCD entitlement on renewal of policy with NCD Protector







3 or more


Important notes of the NCD Protector benefit:

a) Not transferable to another insurer. You need to renew with us to enjoy this benefit.

b) Not available where loss of NCD is due to non or late reporting of accidents;

c) Does not protect against non-renewal or cancellation of the policy.

4. Do I have to reinstate my windscreen cover after a claim? Will my NCD be affected?

The windscreen benefit covers the cost of reinstating any glass in the windscreen and windows including the in-vehicle unit (IU) subject to an excess of S$100 each claim. The Excess will be waived where repair to the windscreen is done instead of replacement. Such claims do not affect your NCD entitlement and your windscreen cover will be automatically reinstated at no cost to you.

5. I read about damage to vehicles by falling trees, flooding and fires by arsonists. Can I claim for such damages?

MotorMax and MotorMax Plus cover damage caused by accidents, fire and theft including falling trees and flood related damages. Malicious damage caused by unknown persons is also covered.

6. Can I choose my preferred workshop for accident repairs?

MotorMax Plus gives you the freedom to choose your own workshop including the manufacturer’s agent’s workshop in Singapore. With MotorMax, accident damage repairs would have to be done at any of MSIG’s authorised workshops conveniently located all around Singapore.

7. How does the Transport Allowance Benefit work?

The benefit of S$50 per day is payable if the period of the approved accident repairs to the Insured Vehicle is more than 3 days. Payment starts from the first day of such repair up to a maximum of 10 days. Below is an illustration of the benefit computation:

Period of repair

Benefit payable

3 days or less

Not Covered

5 days

Pays 5 days x $50 = $250

14 days

Pays 10 days x $50 = $500

8. What should I do when I meet with a motor accident?

You may e-file the accident report through MSIG’s authorised workshops or to the nearest IDAC (Independent Damage Assessment Centre) within 24 hours or the next working day of the accident.

If there is injury to any person, please call the police immediately. Do not admit or discuss liability. Please take pictures of the damages of all vehicles, and of the accident scene and record details of witnesses, if any.

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