Maid Insurance

Claim Procedure

Claim Procedure


Notify Relevant Parties

  • Make a police report if there is a fatal/serious injury or evidence of criminal or malicious act involved.
  • Report your claim to us as soon as possible or within 21 days of the insured event(s) via the claim form.

Submit Information

  • You may download a copy of the claim form or request for the form to be sent to you.
  • You should request the attending doctor to complete the “Medical Report” section of the claim form if you are submitting a claim for medical expenses. Please note that claimants are required to bear the fee for obtaining the report.
  • Complete the claim form and submit it with all the necessary supporting documents to us.
Supporting Documents for Maid Claim

We will contact you for any additional documents that may be required.

You can help us to expedite your claim by providing the required documents promptly.

Medical / Injury Claim
Death Claim
1. Can I claim for my maid’s medical fees incurred to treat her flu?

No, MaidPlus only pays for hospitalisation and surgical fees incurred as a result of illnesses and accidents.

2. Can I claim for my maid’s medical expenses incurred as a result of a fall at home?

Yes, we will reimburse the medical, surgical, hospital, nursing home or massage expenses incurred and certified as essential by a Medical Practitioner as a sole result of an accidental injury.

3. Can I request for a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) if my maid is admitted to a hospital for an emergency operation?

No, we do not offer an LOG. Please pay the hospitalisation bill and submit the receipt with other supporting documents for reimbursement. Please see the checklist above for the supporting documents required.

4. Can I claim for the medical report fee charged by the doctor?

No, the medical report fee is to be paid by you as part of the claim supporting documents.

5. When can I claim for wages and levy compensation?

When your maid is hospitalised for an injury or illness, we will pay you a fixed sum per day for the period stated in the policy (subject to the sum insured limit) as long as the hospital and surgical expenses under Section 2 of the MaidPlus policy are payable.

The benefit is payable for every 24 hours that the maid is confined at a hospital.

6. If my maid died of an illness or bodily injuries, can I claim for the repatriation expenses incurred to send her body back to her home country?

Yes, we will reimburse you the actual repatriation expenses incurred in the burial or cremation of the maid and/or the conveyance of body or ashes to her country of origin from Singapore. Please submit a detailed account of the expenses with supporting bills for our approval.