20 Jun 2018

Updated Travel Insurance Alert - Policy Coverage for Osaka, Japan on 18 June 2018


Based on media reports, the situation in Osaka has stabilised from the earthquake event on 18 June 2018. There is currently no media reports or travel advisory warning against travel to Japan due to this event. If you are travelling to Japan, our policy will cover you based on the usual terms and conditions. 


A 6.1-magnitude earthquake has struck Osaka in western Japan in the morning of 18 June 2018. Based on news reports, the tremors have affected other parts of Japan and there is possibility of aftershocks. 

We wish to assure our policyholders that MSIG Insurance will provide cover accordingly if they have bought travel insurance plans before 18 June 2018.

For policies bought before 18 June 2018, the following will apply: 

If your trip has commenced before 18 June 2018, the event is covered based on our policy terms and conditions.

If your trip commences on or after 18 June 2018, the event is covered for travel cancellation or postponement based on policy terms and conditions. However, if the insured person decides to proceed with the trip, the policy will not pay for claims which are due to this earthquake and its after-tremors. The policy will cover for claims which are not related to this earthquake such as baggage damage and loss of passport. 

For policies bought on or after 18 June 2018, there is no cover for claims arising from this known event. 

To enquire further on your policy cover, please contact your regular agent, broker or our Customer Service at +65 68277602 or email us