24 Mar 2017

5 Hacks for Healthy Houseplants

You bring home a new cute plant and devote almost all of your time and attention to it. Somehow, a few weeks later your plant wilts and turns yellow like the others. It doesn't have to be this way. With a little bit of effort and few tricks, you'll soon be tending to a cluster of happy and healthy plants! 

Know your windows


If you're thinking of placing your plants near the window, observe the amounts of morning or afternoon sun they receive. Plants with brightly-coloured foliage require more light than others. Remember to give the pot a half-turn every day or two to ensure even growth of your houseplant, as foliage naturally bends towards the light. 

Create a DIY watering dispenser


Travelling could be disastrous for your plants. Get a used plastic or wine bottle, fill it with water, then insert the open end deep into the soil. The water will slowly release as your plant's roots require it. No more stressing over getting a plant sitter! 

Dust your plants


Water alone isn't sufficient to keep your plants looking and feeling good. Wipe down each leaf with a soft cloth dipped in warm water and milk. The leaves will get a nice shine, without the residue to clog their pores. Another tip: Rub a bit of mayo on the leaves with a paper towel. The result is leaves that stay bright and shiny for weeks. 

Water orchids with ice


Orchids can be tricky to maintain. The key is to water them regularly, without overwatering. Once a week, add an ice cube to your orchid plant to ensure a slow release of the correct amount of water on a regular basis. This also prevents it from getting root rot. 

Drainage duty


You've done almost everything but can't seem to gauge the correct amount of water for your plant. Try putting pebbles at the bottom of your pot. These help to keep the roots raised and away from water that might collect at the bottom of the pot. The chances of your plant getting root rot are lower and they'll be healthier too!