13 Sep 2016

5 Must-Have Car Essentials

We spend so much time in our cars - whether it's commuting, travelling, dropping off, picking up - it's almost like our third home (after the house and office, of course). Enjoy a smoother ride with these 5 must-have items. 


First-aid kit
Accidents can happen at anytime. A first-aid kit lets you tend to the injury before you hurry to the clinic or hospital. Remember to check the kit regularly for expiration dates and replace the supplies accordingly.


Wet wipes
If you've got young kids, you'd know how important these are. Plus, they're easier to use and store than water and cloth. Not only do they clean up stains, they also help you freshen up minus the fuss.


Bottle of water
Water will come in handy in the event your car overheats. Keep a big bottle, preferably 1.5 litres, to top up the radiator before you rush to your nearest workshop. Also useful for washing off bird waste and mud stains on tyres.>


USB power socket
We know how frustrating it can be when your mobile is left with only 10 percent battery life - and it's only mid-day. Never miss a call or text message again with this nifty device. (Just don't text and drive!)


Our local clime can be unpredictable - blazing heat during the morning rush and sudden downpours in the evenings. Have a brolly ready in the boot in case of inclement weather.