28 Oct 2016

5 Quick Ways to Cut Clutter at Home

Simplify your life with 5 old items repurposed into new storage spaces! 

Jelly tray
No more rummaging through your messy jewellery box. Use a jelly tray to organise your earrings from your rings, and everything else in between. 

Cardboard tube
Stuff plastic bags in this tube, which makes a handy dispenser, then place it in a drawer for easy retrieval. 

Magazine holder
Not just for books and magazines, a magazine holder makes a great receptacle to hold aluminium foil or plastic wrap. 

Clothes peg
See all your toiletries at a glance and save precious time during those hectic mornings. 

Plastic rod
A quick fix for cramped spaces: install a rod to hang spray bottles and even s-hooks for other tools, without having to buy cabinet organisers.