11 Aug 2017

Becoming A Better Driver

Becoming a better Driver

Becoming a better driver: What you can do to keep roads safer for everyone

It would be hard to find someone who drives perfectly and doesn’t make any mistakes on the road. However, having a bad habit or two doesn’t necessarily make you a bad driver. It just means that you may need to make some adjustments to your driving style.

The difficult part about fixing these habits is the fact that drivers may not be aware that they have them. The list below highlights the most common bad road habits in Singapore and how to avoid them.

Remember, by eliminating bad road habits, you won’t just become a better driver. You’ll make the roads safer for everyone else, and this could also help you keep your motor insurance costs down.


There’s nothing wrong with a little space

Tailgating isn’t just discourteous. It also creates additional risk factors for you and other drivers.

You risk getting into an accident should the car in front of you suddenly brake. This is because you decrease the amount of time you have to react properly to an emergency and every millisecond counts.

Travelling at the same speed as the car in front of you prevents you from anticipating their next move. This will likely increase the severity of any accident that may occur.

You can keep yourself safer and avoid these risks by driving at least two seconds behind the vehicle in front of you  especially on the highway.


Don’t stop for 4D numbers

There’s a familiar scenario whenever there is an accident in Singapore. You see people slowing down on a road and assume there’s a traffic jam, only to realise that they are doing it to try and catch the plate numbers of cars involved in an accident. 

Sounds familiar? This kind of habit isn’t just infuriating for other road users. It’s also a dangerous behaviour that will affect emergency responders trying to reach the scene of the accident.

Next time, just drive on. If you intend to aid the passenger, then pull your car over so that traffic can flow normally.


Signal your intentions

No one is a mind reader while on the road. Unfortunately, many drivers in Singapore have the habit of changing lanes without signalling or only signalling when they’re already making their move.

In addition, other drivers have a habit of speeding up and cutting off the space you need to switch lanes. However, that behaviour is a mistake on their end. You shouldn’t have to adopt unsafe driving habits like switching lanes without signalling to counter the bad practices of other drivers.

Use your signal lights to announce your intentions in advance, as they were designed for.


Stay aware

Be honest with yourself when you are evaluating your driving style. This will enable you to fix your bad habits to help ensure the safety of all road users.

By becoming a better driver, you’ll be lowering your accident risk while also setting yourself up for long-term rewards. You won’t just avoid the costs that arise from car accidents. 

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