18 Aug 2016

Childproofing Your Home's Storage Furniture

Recent cases of furniture being recalled in the United States and Canada continue to raise concerns about the safety of storage furniture at home. When it comes to your home's storage furniture, aesthetics should not be the only consideration. Keep your little ones safe from potential tip-over furniture hazards with these safety tips. 

Childproofing Home Aug

Sturdy does it
Go for stable and well-built furniture over elaborate pieces. Shelves should be able to support the weight of the items you'll  be placing on them. Drawers must be able to open and close easily, likewise cabinet doors and drawers. Don't forget to ask your furniture retailer if the item you're purchasing is suitable for the intended use. 

Stability is the key
Determine your TV and furniture's stability. Flat-screen TVs should be mounted, strapped to the wall or placed on suitable stand as recommended by the manufacturer. Have an older TV? Place the TV on a console sturdy enough to support its weight and push it as far back as possible. 

Secure your furniture
Secure bookcases, dressing tables and even cabinets with anti-tipping restraint devices. These include wall brackets, braces, straps or other strong attachment tools. Prevent your child from pulling drawers all the way out by installing dressers with drawer stops. 

Think about placement
Refrain from placing objects that would appeal to children on top of TV consoles and dressers. This would prevent them from climbing and possibly losing their balance. Avoid placing heavy objects on higher shelves or top drawers. Instead place them on lower shelves and drawers to make them more stable. And remember to never overload bookcases and book shelves

Educate your kids
Most importantly, teach your children to treat furniture the correct way. Explain to them about the dangers of improper usage of furniture and do not allow them to stand inside, climb into or lay onto drawers, shelves or doors of cabinets.