20 Sep 2016

Five reasons to get bicyle insurance

5 reasons for bicycle insurance

Think bicycle insurance is unnecessary? You're probably unaware about the steps you can take to further protect yourself and your bicycle. Here are 5 factors that will change your mind.

Protect your investment

A bicycle can be expensive, so securing it with a lock and chain isn't enough. When you think about the amount you've spent on your bike, the cost of insuring it is a small one to protect your two-wheeled asset.

Protect against property damage

You might be a safe rider but that doesn't prevent accidents caused by other people, which could result in damage to property. Bicycle insurance not only protects your bike, but also protects you.

Is your bicycle covered by home contents insurance?

While some home insurance plans provide special coverage for the value of your bike, there could be exclusions or a limit. Getting a policy that caters to your unique cycling habits is your smartest bet.

Get coverage for parts, accessories and more

Depending your your policy, bicycle insurance gives you more coverage in the event your bike gets stolen. Wouldn't you like to rest easy knowing that your bike is covered for things like spare parts, riding apparel, accessories and more?

It doesn't have to be expensive

Choose a plan based on your needs and budget. Do your research - go through websites, reviews and speak to insurance agents - before deciding on any policy.