28 Mar 2017

For the Love of Reading


A declining reading culture in Singapore has led to the National Library Board (NLB) launching a 5-year campaign encouraging the public to read more. Bucking this trend is our 2017 Goals Facebook Contest winner, Noorsyahidah Jumat, who has made reading her resolution for this year. This mother of two shares with us why we should pick up the reading habit. 

Intellectually Fulfilling
Indulging in a good book opens up a wealth of knowledge. It allows you to fully explore a topic and even consume a huge amount of research in a relatively short amount of time. It's definitely cheaper than taking a course. Besides, reading a book will also help you expand your vocabulary! 

Improves Focus and Concentration
Reading forces you to devote your time to the story or topic, uninterrupted. Subconsciously, it trains you to cancel out distractions when you are performing other tasks at work or school. Although social media is getting more people to read, Syahidah feels that it does little to improve concentration as people get distracted and "are reading shorter articles, excerpts, summaries, reviews and whatnot". 

Self Discovery and Creation
Reading exposes you to unlimited perspectives through the lives of others, which can help increase your wit and imagination. At times, it could also help to heal your pain and understand yourself better as the books you read are a reflection of yourself. 

Reading is definitely beneficial to our total wellbeing and is a habit worth having. Syahidah encourages everyone to join her in building a more vibrant reading culture in Singapore. As she puts it, "It's never too late for adult readers to start trading their online lives for literature."