27 Jun 2017

Here’s Looking at You, Kid

MSIG Staff_Brian Loh

Four months into his first job, Brian Loh shares why insurance has always been his career choice since school days. Now, he is learning the ropes as a Reinsurance Executive at MSIG.

What makes insurance a first choice for you?

Whether it’s a good times or bad times, there will always be a need for insurance. As long as there are uncertainties in life, there will be risks and people will want to protect themselves from risks.

I’m also a numbers person. I like work which are quantifiable and tangible so insurance suits me rather than advertising, for instance.

My uncle ran a business as an agent, so I got to pick up some working experience there before I found a job at MSIG.


What’s a typical day like as a Reinsurance Executive?

I assist my senior by following up on fac out proposals so we can go back to our colleagues on whether we have successfully placed the business.  Some risks are too huge so we need to sub out these risks to other insurers. 

Other areas of work include updating of our risk accumulation figures and notifying our reinsurers on upcoming policy renewals.


What makes your work interesting?

I get to handle different classes of risk and learn more about the various industries we insure. 

I recalled there was a new hospital coming up and we had to decide if we have the capacity to insure it.  I had to work with the surveyors to determine on the classification of risk and make a recommendation.  That was a very fulfilling experience for me.


Where do you see yourself from here?

I’m still learning.  Overtime I want to be as knowledgeable as my senior. She’s able to tell quickly what kind of risks we can take, and what we don’t. 

She’s been a great mentor and it’s not easy to find someone who is willing to teach, and whom you can also treat as friend.