22 Sep 2017

The Importance of Getting a Personal Accident Insurance

We all want to keep ourselves safe from accidents, but this isn’t something that is always within our control. While it’s easy to think that you may never be stricken, it’s best to be prepared.


Here are three reasons why you need personal accident insurance.

You shouldn’t leave it to chance

Yes, accidents sometimes occur due to momentary lapses in judgement or awareness. However, many accidents are also caused by factors beyond your control, like the surrounding environment or someone else’s reckless behaviour. Even if you have the safest habits and behaviours, you could still be caught in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

For example, during your commute to work, you tripped and fall, resulting in a broken ankle. You would have to pay for your A&E visit, consultation, or even rehabilitation fees – all of which could add up to thousands of dollars.

You should protect yourself from disability

Another important factor to think about is the fact that a severe accident could leave you with a permanent injury. This could take the form of burns, lost limbs, and loss of sight, hearing or speech.

Should you fall victim to such injuries, a personal accident insurance plan will be able to help ensure that you have money to cushion the financial blow that comes with not being able to work.

Our ProtectionPlus will cover you for up to $375,000 in case of total disablement and up to $250,000 for partial disablement. This helps to ease the financial burden on your family members as they wouldn’t have to fork out money to cover exorbitant medical fees.

You should protect your family

Children face an arguably higher risk of accidents than adults. That’s because their lack of experience or development results in a limited perception of their surrounding. They are also often absorbed in their own interests and can be oblivious to their environment.

If your child is not covered, an accident could result in a hefty hospitalisation bill. ProtectionPlus includes free coverage for up to 3 children if you and your spouse are enrolled in the plan.

That will help your children enjoy their childhood to the fullest and protect them should accidents occur. This coverage will last until they turn 18, and in some special cases even until they are 23.