23 May 2017

Upholding The Value Of Insurance


The insurance industry is often underrated by many of his peers, but not to Tian Yufan, a MSIG scholar.

“The public is generally not appreciative of insurance products and services, so it’s up to us to ensure our service standards are upheld,” he says. “We also have to educate our customers on the value of insurance and help them in times of need.”

Those were the key takeaways of Yufan, having spent the past nine months in various roles across MSIG as part of the Career Discovery Program, which had been a “fantastic opportunity to get exposed to many departments”.

Yufan’s affinity with the insurance industry began during his university days when he specialised in actuarial science, a field that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in insurance and finance.

“So it was a conscious decision to join an insurance firm, given my education background,” he says. “Still, securing the scholarship was a pleasant surprise.”

Yufan’s experience at MSIG has been fulfilling so far, as scholars like him are given plentiful opportunities to hone their skills and experience by taking on projects outside their main job scopes. “These chances are hard to come by if I were to start out fresh elsewhere,” he says.