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Claim Procedures


Notify Us

  • At the occurrence of the incident, contact your agent, broker or us at +65 6827 7660.

Submit Information

  • You may download a copy of the claim form or request for the form to be sent to you.
  • You should request your attending doctor to complete the “Medical Report” section of the claim form. Please note that claimants are required to bear the fee for obtaining the report.
  • Complete the claim form and submit it with all the necessary supporting documents to us.

Supporting Documents For Health Claim


You can help us to expedite your claim by providing the required documents promptly.

Supporting Documents For Health Claim


Tick here
1. Original completed claim form
2. Original final detailed hospital bills or receipts
3. Original final clinic bills or receipts
4. Medical Report/Discharge Summary
5. Copy of work permit, if applicable

We will contact you for any additional documents that may be required.


1. If I am due for an operation, can I request for a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) for my admission (Pre-Certification)?

Please call our medical helpline at 6323 8388 for assistance.

Our officers will require your written authorisation to contact and liaise with your doctor for an upfront assessment of your medical condition, treatment and resulting claim under the policy.

If coverage is confirmed, a LOG will be issued. Otherwise, you will be asked to pay for the medical expenses and submit your claims to us for reimbursement.