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She keeps your home in order and frees up your busy schedule. MaidPlus enables your maid to do the best possible job while protecting her from accidents, medical emergencies and more.

Personal Accident Cover
MSIG’s maid insurance offers $60,000 in personal accident cover and $1,000 for accidental medical expenses.

Hospital and Surgical Cover
We pay up to $15,000 for hospitalisation and surgical charges including 90 days’ pre and post hospitalisation expenses for diagnostic services and treatment. Option is available to increase cover by another $15,000.

Alternative Domestic Help Benefit
We reimburse you $50 daily for up to 30 days if you require temporary help while your helper is hospitalised.

Daily Wages & Levy Reimbursement
We compensate you with your helper’s daily wages for up to $30 each day for a maximum of 30 days if she is hospitalised.

Insurance Guarantee Bond
MaidPlus ensures you comply with all regulations by issuing on your behalf a Letter of Guarantee for a $5,000 security bond to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

Online  Simple to Buy

Purchase this maid insurance plan directly online and from the comforts of your home.

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We keep our process as simple as possible to bring your maid insurance claim to a fair settlement.


CoverageSum Insured/Limit

1. Personal Accident

  • i) Death & Permanent Disablement

  • ii) Medical Expenses

    • a) Dental Treatment

    • b) Treatment by Chinese Physician

    • c) Dengue Fever - Medical Expenses and Diagnostic Test

$60,000 per year

$500 (sub-limit)
$100 (sub-limit)
$100 (sub-limit)

2. Hospital & Surgical Expenses

  • i) Inpatient expenses incurred in government hospitals and re-structured hospital from Ward C up to Ward B2 charges

  • ii) 90 days pre and post hospitalisation diagnostic services

  • iii) Day surgery

$15,000 per year

3. Alternative Domestic Help Benefit

$50 per day (max 30 days)

4. Wages & Levy Reimbursement

$30 per day (max 30 days)

5. Repatriation Expenses


6. Termination Expenses


7. Replacement Maid Expenses


8. Special Grant


9. Liability to Third Parties


10. Maid's Personal Belongings


11. Insurance Guarantee Bond - (MOM)

Optional Covers

1. Additional Hospital & Surgical Expenses

Up to $15,000 Sum Insured

2. Waiver of Counter Indemnity for Insurance Guarantee Bond to MOM


3. Employer's Liability - 3 options

i) Up to $300,000

ii) Up to $500,000

iii) Up to $1,000,000

4. Insurance Guarantee Bond - Philippine Overseas Labour Office, Singapore

i) $2,000

ii) $7,000

This policy is protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please visit MSIG, GIA or SDIC.


Premiums for 26 months (inclusive of 7% GST)$267.50

Optional Covers

Additional Hospital & Surgical Expenses


Per $5,000 Sum Insured

(up to $15,000 Sum Insured)

$53.50 per

$5,000 Sum Insured

Waiver of Counter Indemnity for Insurance Guarantee Bond to MOM

(Excess: $250)


Employer's Liability - 3 options

  • Up to $300,000

  • Up to $500,000

  • Up to $1,000,000




Insurance Guarantee Bond - Philippine Overseas Labour Office, Singapore

  • $2,000

  • $7,000




1. Does MaidPlus meet the Ministry of Manpower's (MOM) requirements for foreign workers?

MaidPlus is a comprehensive package of benefits covering accidental death or disablement, hospital & surgical expenses, wages and levy reimbursement, repatriation expenses, guarantee bond and other benefits.

These include MOM’s requirement of (i) Hospital & Surgical Expenses of at least $15,000 a year and (ii) Personal Accident of $60,000 covering death and personal disablement for the foreign domestic maid.

2. How does the Insurance Guarantee Bond work?

We will issue a Letter of Guarantee as a security bond on your behalf to the Ministry of Manpower ("MOM").  

If you require, we will also issue a Letter of Guarantee to the Philippine Overseas Labour Office in Singapore ("POLO") on your behalf.

If a demand is made by MOM and/or POLO as the case may be, we will first make the payment and recover any paid sums from you under the policy conditions of the section on Insurance Guarantee Bond.

You can purchase the optional cover for the Waiver of Counter Indemnity in respect of the Letter of Guarantee to MOM, paying only $250 being the excess for your account.

3. When will the Insurance Guarantee Bond be transmitted to MOM?

The Insurance Guarantee Bond will be transmitted electronically to MOM as follows:

• For a new hire or transfer case – within 14 days before the commencement date of the insurance
• For renewal – 2 working days after your application is accepted by us.

4. What is the difference between Medical Expenses benefit and Hospital & Surgical Expenses benefit?

Medical Expenses under the Personal Accident section of MaidPlus cover the cost of treatment (including out-patient treatment) due to accidents only. The cover under Hospital & Surgical Expenses is wider as it extends to medical expenses incurred as an in-patient of a Hospital as a result of illnesses or accident. Medical expenses incurred up to 90 days pre and post hospitalisation and day surgery are also covered under Hospital & Surgical Expenses.

5. How does the Wages & Levy reimbursement benefit work?

MaidPlus pays a fixed sum per day up to 30 days if your Maid is hospitalised as a result of an injury or illness so long as Hospital & Surgical Expenses benefit is payable.

6. How does the Alternative Domestic Help benefit works?

This benefit relieves an employer by reimbursing a fixed daily sum up to 30 days for the cost of hiring alternative domestic help during the period of your Maid's hospitalisation due to a covered injury or illness.

7. Will my Maid be covered when she returns to her home country for holiday?

When your Maid goes on holiday in her home country, she will be covered only for the Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement benefit provided her work permit is not cancelled. All the other benefits will resume upon her return to Singapore.

8. Can I buy the Philippine Overseas Labour Office (POLO) Bond Midway?

Yes, you can buy the POLO Bond midway if you are an existing MaidPlus policyholder. The cover will end on the same date as the period of insurance of your existing policy. For more information, please call us at 6827 7602 for assistance.

9. Do I get a refund if I cancel my MaidPlus policy?

If you cancel the Policy, you will receive a refund of premium based on the Company's short period rates for the unexpired period of insurance, subject to a minimum charge of $50. There will be no refund if the Policy is cancelled after 180 days from the commencement date of the insurance.

10. How do I make a claim?

Please contact our Claims Department as soon as possible on the happening of any event giving rise or likely to give rise to a claim and completing a Claim form to facilitate the claim process. Written proof of the accident such as police report, doctor's report, original medical receipts, invoices and all supporting documents must be furnished as proof of claim. 


MaidPlus Hero Jun18

Better benefits and greater protection.

11 benefits providing comprehensive protection for you and your maid, giving you extra peace of mind. 


Promotion ends on 30 June 2019.

Call our Customer Service Officers at 6827 2548 (Mon to Fri, 8:45am - 5:30pm) or email us for enquiries.

*Medical package and promotion terms & conditions apply.

Medical checkup at any Shenton Medical Group clinic. Click here for clinic locations.

The complimentary medical checkup offer is not valid with any on-going or existing maid insurance promotions, discounts, offers, vouchers, rebates or privileges.

This policy is protected under the Policy Owners' Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation. For more information on the scheme, please visit GIA or SDIC.

This is not a contract of insurance. The full terms, conditions and exclusions are set out in the MaidPlus Policy which will be issued upon MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.'s acceptance of your application.

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